You only live once.

7 Ages allows you to store your entire life in a timeline. You can create events with details and attachments and share it with people who matter.
"The difference between a dream and a goal; A goal has a timeline." - Robert Herjavec

Your Life + 7 Ages =

7 Ages is an app which allows you to store all the events and mile stones in your life. The app uses these events and displays a timeline for you. All events are grouped by categories and search queries. With 7 Ages, you can share certain events or categories with people who could use that specific information.

For example, John Doe is a college student who just graduated. He has been using 7 Ages his entire life and he had to prove to his college what he had done in his past 18 years. John shared his entire work, academics and sports timeline with his college. Now, John lives a happy life in his favorite college with the power of 7 Ages!


At 7 Ages we believe that safety and security is number one priority. We use the best tools to make sure that your information is safe and completely encrypted. All of the data you enter can only be seen by you and the people you share it with. You can contact our security for questions comments or concerns at Click below to read our privacy policy made simple for you!

Our Privacy Policy


You can store all the events in your life by categories. These events can store information like location, date, descriptions, images and videos.


7 Ages turns each event in your life into a part of your timeline. You can organize these timelines into categories and search for events which matter.


Share what matters with the people who matter. With 7 Ages, you can share specific events with the people who need that information.

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Android and Web coming soon.


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